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Pads and discs need to match, replace them together

A brake pad is a part. A brake disc is a part. Brake calipers are parts. But when these parts perform their jobs, it is absolutely vital that they work together as a seamless system.

This is how vehicle manufacturers design brake systems, with each individual component precisely matched to the others to ensure safe, reliable braking. Therefore, mixing and matching parts from multiple brands is never a good idea.

Think about your cell phone or computer. Would you consider installing a computer chip from a non-original equipment supplier and still expect perfect performance? Probably not.

Your brake system is even more important than your phone or computer - after all, it must help keep you safe through thousands of stops, in even the most demanding conditions. So remember the word "system" when it's time for brake service. And when the workshop professional recommends Jurid pads and discs, always make the right choice.

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The amazing science of braking 

Brake pads and discs might not look like highly sophisticated components, but they are. There's a tremendous amount of science involved in the development of brake components. Remember that pads and discs are required to quickly and safely stop a vehicle weighing nearly 1,500 kilograms, on average. Pads and discs perform this job by converting the vehicle's kinetic energy to thermal energy through carefully matched brake pads and discs.

These two mating surfaces must be perfectly compatible to provide the reliable, long-lasting service you need and expect. Choosing the right combination of pads and discs also helps minimize dusting and eliminate unwanted noise.


Choice is good, risk is not

During a brake repair, your workshop will have the choice of multiple brands of brake pads and discs. Unfortunately, not all brands are equal. Some might not even be designed and manufactured specifically to meet the unique requirements of your vehicle type. Additionally, they might not have been tested to ensure they can provide the braking performance and durability you expect.  

Our suggested approach is to ask your workshop professional if they offer Jurid brake parts. Jurid is one of the most respected brands in the industry and is a preferred supplier of brake products to leading vehicle manufacturers. By choosing Jurid you can be certain that your brake pads and discs will meet or exceed the performance of your vehicle's original brake parts.

Even though another brand's parts might look similar to genuine Jurid components, many of the most important engineering differences of quality parts are hidden "inside." Jurid brake pads feature highly effective friction formulations precisely matched to the vehicle type. Jurid brake discs include advanced metallurgies and precisely machined surfaces that significantly enhance heat dissipation, pad and disc durability, pedal feel and noise reduction.

Another common difference between different brands of brake discs is disc plate thickness. Some manufacturers may try to save money by using thinner disc plates. Unfortunately, these plates might overheat more easily and offer substantially shorter service. Additionally, some lesser-quality, "cheap" brake discs can include overly wide ventilation gaps - again to save money - that can lead to heat-induced "brake fade" and accelerated pad wear.

Jurid brake discs include precisely shaped and spaced cooling frames designed through sophisticated thermal mapping technology to match the discs' heat dissipation capabilities to each vehicle's unique requirements. Remember, overheating of the discs and pads can not only severely reduce component life but put your safety at risk.

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Safe is the only smart investment

What price would you put on your safety and the safety of your family members and friends? Truth is, you can't. That's why trying to save a little money by choosing cheap brake parts is the worst investment you could make.

Brake pads and discs are your vehicle's last line of defence against a potentially severe accident. Make sure these parts are up to the job of keeping you safe by using only genuine Jurid OEM-quality components. There are no compromises in the design and construction of every Jurid pad and disc - because there's no compromise in our commitment to your safety.


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