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At Jurid®, we pack all of our products in-house with the same commitment we put in achieving impeccable braking performance. Rigorous lab testing, together with the installer's braking needs, lead the advanced design choices we make to make the lives of our customers easier. 

Multi-purpose packaging

Customisation plays a key role in the products we create. That's exactly why our redesigned packaging comes in 3 different box dimensions to better fit the different pad shapes. From 17.5" to 19.5" and even 22.5" wheel sizes, this reinforced box structure keeps your Jurid® parts in place with uncompromised accuracy. 


Safety steals the show

How we protect the authenticity of our products? We check and double-check. The on-box MAPP Code (Manufacturers Against Product Piracy) and the PrioSpot Authentification device offer all the protection & security you need to be sure you're holding a high-quality product in your hands. Thank our anti-counterfeit label.