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Jurid® Wear indicators are meticulously put together to deliver the best performance in all conditions. Trust only the best when your brake pads and linings need replacing.  

  • An EMEA parc coverage of over 90% 
  • Made with superior quality materials 
  • The Vespel SP1 sensor consists of fine materials 
  • Kits include accessories following all OE requirements
  • Dedicated references in combination with pads as well as linings

Compare us to competitors

What exactly makes Jurid® brake pads so unique? Our OE approved products ooze attention to detail.

  JURID® Competitor
High temperature resistance test result
Jurid®'s Vespel SP1 sensor
vs. thermoplastic economic sensor
Linings wear indicator
Jurid® fits Vespel sensor also for drum brakes indicators
vs. thermoplastic economic sensor;
Anti-humidity solution
Jurid®'s rubber sealing
vs. economic solution
Premium materials
Jurid®'s stainless steel bracket & copper silver pins.
Conductor in tin coated copper

vs. economic solution
OE requirements
Jurid®'s stainless steel clip
vs. thermoplastic economic sensor without stainless steel clip


All tests conducted in facilities of independent company TecSA s.r.l..
Full test report will be provided upon request:
TecSA s.r.l. • Via Torino, 43 • 10067 Vigone, TO • Italy